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  • Karl Lin Karl Lin President
  • Lester Lin Lester Lin Executive Vice President


  • Jennifer Shaburnikova Jennifer Shaburnikova Director of Operations
  • Winny Si Winny Si Director of Title Operations
  • Carol Yuan Carol Yuan Vice President
  • John Lee John Lee Vice President Marketing
  • Helen Ho Helen Ho Vice President of Development
  • David Roy David Roy Vice President of Business Development


  • James G. Hyland, Esq. James G. Hyland, Esq. Senior Underwriting Counsel
  • Susan B. Hart, Esq. Susan B. Hart, Esq. Underwriting Counsel
  • Jeffrey Zipser, Esq. Jeffrey Zipser, Esq. Underwriting Counsel
  • Anna Nubaryan, Esq. Anna Nubaryan, Esq. Underwriting Counsel
  •  Andrew Ruppert Andrew Ruppert Underwriter
  • Brigette Farino Brigette Farino Underwriter
  • Ryan Considine Ryan Considine Assistant Underwriter
  • Saboohi Masood Saboohi Masood Senior Clearance
  • Amanda Fournier Amanda Fournier Legal Assistant
  • Jessie Shen Jessie Shen Legal Assistant
  • Priscilla Penafiel Priscilla Penafiel Legal Assistant


  • Judy Chang Judy Chang Manager
  • Ana Marques Ana Marques
  • CJ Chang CJ Chang
  • Adam Hayes Adam Hayes
  • Ellen Ming Ellen Ming
  • Joseph Bulka Joseph Bulka
  • Nicholas Ho Nicholas Ho
  • Amanda Mi Amanda Mi
  • Eri Otokoyama Eri Otokoyama
  • Simone Louie Simone Louie


  • Jason Si Jason Si Manager
  • Elton Liu Elton Liu
  • John Fung John Fung
  • Eric Moon Eric Moon


  • Maggie Wong Maggie Wong Manager
  • Jin Tian Jin Tian
  • Anna Zao Anna Zao

Business Relations

  • David Weinbach
  • Edward McGowan
Karl Lin Karl Lin President

Mr. Lin has been in the title insurance and real estate industries since 1994, advising numerous real estate professionals who handle complex and cutting-edge matters. He has lectured and held many classes exclusively to real estate professionals, and helped establish and train a number of title companies in the past decade.

Outside of work, he enjoys being with his wife and 2 children. Karl also enjoys a variety of exotic fish and caring for his many indoor plants.

Lester Lin Lester Lin Executive Vice President

Lester Lin has had over 10 years of experience in the title insurance industry and has been with Liberty Land since its establishment in 2008. He leads by example and can be found meeting with clients, answering phones, working on policies, handling clearance questions, etc. You can always tell when Lester is in the office because of his contagious laughter and spirited personality.

Lester loves people, is a philanthropist at heart, and is tremendously involved with local organizations and their youth programs. Lester currently has his own not-for-profit organization, City Mission, to help aid local homeless shelters and the immigrant community. In his free time, Lester studies counseling courses at CCEF.

Jennifer Shaburnikova Jennifer Shaburnikova Director of Operations

Jennifer Shaburnikova started in the Accounting Department at Liberty Land Abstract in 2010 and now oversees the Accounting and Human Resources Departments. Her favorite work days are when it is dark and stormy outside while it is safe, warm, and quiet inside her office. She is addicted to HGTV, cannot survive without her library card, and is constantly baking new desserts to satisfy her husband’s sweet tooth. Outside of Liberty Land, Jennifer is heavily involved with a non-profit that seeks to meet the needs of the community.

Winny Si Winny Si Director of Title Operations

Winny was first an intern at Liberty Land before graduating from Baruch College. She then started full time as a Production Assistant and was then promoted to Production Manager. Currently, she is overseeing the title operations of the company, making sure there is a clear line of communication between all departments. She takes pride in delivering excellent customer service and going that extra mile for her clients.

Winny loves to travel and check off destinations from her ever growing bucket list of things to do and places to see. But being a native New Yorker, she's also a fan of exploring this big city, one cafe or bubble tea joint at a time.

Carol Yuan Carol Yuan Vice President

Carol has over 10 years experience in the real estate industry. She started with processing loans to being a mortgage loan officer to an Account Executive for Chase and Countrywide Home Loans and then finally ended up in the title industry. After a decade of owning a title company, Carol decided to join the Liberty Land family. During her leisure, she loves spending time with her children, Sophia and Lucas, she just can’t get enough of them. Carol is a borderline hoarder, she loves to collect things.

John Lee John Lee Vice President Marketing

John has been a part of Liberty Land since 2013. He values the importance of networking as a means to further market and increase the exposure of the firm. He frequently attends real estate networking events and is an active member in various networking groups including the Queens Chamber of Commerce.
What sets John apart as a marketer is his belief in treating clients as more than just a client. He connects with them on a personal level and sees them as friends. Clients enjoy working with him due to his honest, transparent, and engaging approach. John goes above and beyond when it comes to seeking out referral opportunities for clients. He is a firm believer in growing and succeeding together.

Helen Ho Helen Ho Vice President of Development

Helen Ho is Chinese-American and a New York City native. Prior to joining Liberty Land Abstract, she worked for the NYC Mayor’s Office as the Mayor's Director of Queens. Helen is a trusted member of the community and has a history of working in politics and on environmental and social justice issues in New York City. Her work includes organizing on issues related to equity and access in public spaces for the NYC Parks Department, the NYC Health Department, and LaGuardia Community College. Helen has her Masters in Urban Planning from Hunter College.

In her free time, Helen is the co-founder of the Biking Public Project, a volunteer organization doing a research project on NYC’s food delivery bicyclists and enjoys biking to the beach in the summer.

David Roy David Roy Vice President of Business Development

As the Vice President of Business Development at Liberty Land Abstract, David Roy is responsible for driving business relations, setting and achieving business objectives and actively participating in new business acquisition. David is also responsible for ensuring that Liberty land abstract delivers a seamless and exceptional experience to clients. With over 10 years of experience in real estate and mortgages, David is exceptional at the art of negotiation and communication which has forged and maintained strong relationships over the years.

In David's spare time he enjoys playing golf at Brookville Country Club and is an active member of the Howard Beach Kiwanis Club.

James G. Hyland, Esq. James G. Hyland, Esq. Senior Underwriting Counsel

Mr. Hyland has over 25 years experience as an attorney in the title insurance industry. He has acted as the Agency Underwriting Counsel at Stewart Title Insurance Company, Branch Counsel at Chicago Title Insurance Company, Recoupment Counsel to the Claims Department at Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, and as counsel to various title insurance agencies in the New York metropolitan area.

He has also taught in paralegal programs at Briarcliffe College and Adelphi University, and presented lectures for the New York State Land Title Association. Mr. Hyland is a graduate of LIU Post (C.W. Post College) (B.A. 1979) and Pace University Law School (J.D. 1983).

Susan B. Hart, Esq. Susan B. Hart, Esq. Underwriting Counsel

Ms. Hart is a New York Real Estate and Title Insurance attorney with over 25 years of experience in the industry. She has worked in private practice for many years representing sellers, purchasers and lenders in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions. In addition, prior to joining the company, she was in house counsel for several real estate based title insurance companies in New York. Her professionalism and commitment to servicing her clients coupled with her vast knowledge and creativity help successfully bring the simplest to the most complex transactions from contract to closing. Ms. Hart obtained her B.A. in Psychology from Brooklyn College and her J.D. from CUNY Law School.

She cherishes her family and loves to travel and live life to the fullest. She enjoys the challenges associated with helping others fulfill their dreams of home ownership. Her favorite pastime is shopping, shopping and more shopping.

Jeffrey Zipser, Esq. Jeffrey Zipser, Esq. Underwriting Counsel

Mr. Zipser is a New York State attorney with over 25 years of experience in a variety of disciplines including title insurance, real estate, foreclosure and bankruptcy. Prior to joining the Company, he was counsel at a boutique title company specializing in insuring homeowners purchasing bank-owned residential properties. In addition to his work in the title industry, Mr. Zipser was an associate at a creditors rights firm where he represented lenders in residential foreclosure cases and bankruptcy cases. He has also operated his own general practice firm where he represented individuals in personal bankruptcy and in the purchase of real estate. He takes pride in harnessing his experience to assist prospective homeowners in reaching their dream of owning a new home and executing transactions to the satisfaction of all parties. He obtained his B.S. in meteorology from the State University of New York at Albany and his J.D. from Brooklyn Law School.

Mr. Zipser is a Federal Club member with the Human Rights Campaign that advocates for LGBTQ rights throughout the nation. He enjoys travelling with his husband and spending time outdoors cycling, hiking and going to flea markets.

Anna Nubaryan, Esq. Anna Nubaryan, Esq. Underwriting Counsel

Ms. Nubaryan is a New York State transactional attorney who has in-house counsel experience in a wide variety of disciplines with an emphasis in title insurance, foreclosures and surrogate proceedings. She obtained her LL.M. degree in International Business and Trade Law from Fordham University Law School. Her European Law and J.D. degrees are from Yerevan State University School of Law. Ms. Nubaryan is detail-oriented, passionate, and fluent in English, Russian and Armenian. She tirelessly pursues tough issues and never backs down from a challenge.

Anna is a very active member of the Armenian Bar Association and has recently been placed on its Young Attorney's Committee. She is also an active member of the Daughters of Vartan, which is another national non-profit organization. Anna works hard to help better the lives of the Armenian Community and is involved in many projects such as the Fuller Center for Housing, Armenian School Support Project, and Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry along with many others.

Anna enjoys spending time with her husband traveling, shopping, and watching movies. She also loves jewelry, listening to different genres of music, and tasting fine cuisines from around the world.

 Andrew Ruppert Andrew Ruppert Underwriter

Andrew Ruppert attended college in Austin Texas and has been in the Title Insurance Industry for over a decade. His experience includes working on both New York and National Residential and Commercial transactions. Notable transactions include a Hotel purchase in NYC for 330 million and a Purchase of an Office Building in Philadelphia, PA for 66 Million as well as numerous new Condominium Developments and IDA leases. Additionally, Andrew has worked on Construction projects, Solar Energy Leases, Wind Farm Leases as well as multi-site portfolio transactions both nationally and in New York. Andrew is well versed in foreclosure and short sales transaction. In his free time he enjoys time outdoors and saltwater fishing.

Andrew has obtained certification with the American Land Title Association and continues his education on title industry regulations and developments.

Brigette Farino Brigette Farino Underwriter

Brigette joined Liberty Land Abstract as our Senior Clearance Officer coming with 19 years of experience in the title industry. She has assisted many real estate attorneys over the years with clearing title, ensuring successful closings, and developing business relationships. Her work ethics and customer service skills are accentuated by her kind personality. Brigette is also a wife and mother of four children. Her personal interests include spending time with her family and friends, and her passions for fitness and beauty.

Ryan Considine Ryan Considine Assistant Underwriter

Ryan joined Liberty Land Abstract in September 2018. He assists in clearance and closing matters for the office. Prior to moving to New York, Ryan worked as a buyers and sellers attorney in Vermont. Outside of work, Ryan enjoys playing soccer, going on hikes, and skiing.

Saboohi Masood Saboohi Masood Senior Clearance

Saboohi has over 20 years of title experience working at large firms and title insurance companies. She is currently a Senior Clearance Officer at Liberty Land Abstract. She is know for her positive attitude and her desire to embrace knowledge.

In her spare time, Saboohi loves to explore different food and cultures. She also loves to entertain friends and family at her home. Her guilty pleasure is her shoe collection, especially her high heels.

Saboohi is married to a NY finest and is a proud mother of three beautiful children.

Amanda Fournier Amanda Fournier Legal Assistant

Amanda Fournier has been with Liberty Land Abstract since 2012 assisting with all customer service needs. She will go above and beyond what is requested of her and make sure her tasks are completed. In her free time, she enjoys being a first time mother to her adorable son. She is extremely adventurous with different types of foods, especially spicy foods. You will never see Amanda without a bottle of Sriracha sauce during lunch!

Jessie Shen Jessie Shen Legal Assistant

Jessie first joined Liberty Land as part of the Production Team and has since then transferred into the Closing Department. She currently creates closing packages, assists with title bills, and continually helps out clients to the best of her ability. She is known for her bubbly personality, her passion for food adventures, and her determination in reaching her fitness goals. Jessie is very creative and loves painting nails. She loves the atmosphere of cafes and enjoys a night of karaoke. Being a foodie is an essential part of her life. You will always catch her with her camera in hand, ready to take lots of pictures.

Priscilla Penafiel Priscilla Penafiel Legal Assistant

Priscilla is the newest addition to the Closing Department at Liberty Land. Right now she is learning the ins and outs of the title industry. Her goal is to work harmoniously with her team in order to ensure that every closing occurs as smooth as possible. Priscilla is very adventurous; she loves all activities from snowboarding to camping with friends and family. She also enjoys going to new art galleries.

Judy Chang Judy Chang Manager

Judy Chang manages her team to read what is needed to clear your Schedule B. When it comes to work she is serious, but with everything else she is kind of eccentric. When she’s not at Liberty Land reading abstracts, she is planning someone’s wedding or a church event. Judy loves entertaining the various groups that meet at her apartment. She is especially known for being a great cook, and a loving sister to her younger siblings.

Ana Marques Ana Marques

Ana Marques oversees the Reading Department at Liberty Land Abstract and in addition to managing the readings, she also works on clearance. Ana has over 25 years of experience in the title insurance industry. Her experience has included reading and examining abstracts, and preparing title reports. She has assisted attorneys, banks, and brokers in resolving and clearing exceptions on their reports documents, reviewed documents for recordability, resolved escrow issues, and assisted in-house counsel and other departments. Ana has worked at various underwriters, most recently with Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and Chicago Title Insurance Company.

Ana loves plants, especially orchids. She loves to garden in her spare time and is currently learning Vegan cooking so that she can cook for her children when they visit her and her husband.

CJ Chang CJ Chang

Shijei (CJ) Chang has numerous years of real estate experience and is a Title Reader at Liberty Land Abstract. She is often requested by clients to be the title closer during their closings. CJ loves to bring joy to the people around her and believes in maintaining a positive attitude no matter what the situation. She is vivacious and can be heard from miles away. CJ loves to eat fried chicken and cannot stand cheese.

Adam Hayes Adam Hayes

Adam Hayes has grown up in the title insurance industry with over 20 years of experience in the field. Adam has successfully managed multiple companies and has helped numerous companies get motivated to strive to do their best. He has also had a significant amount of experience supervising and helping sales teams and production groups to work more effectively. Adam is always trying to find faster and more efficient ways to help motivate people around him. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and twin girls, trips to Disney World and sporting events.

Ellen Ming Ellen Ming

Ellen is a part of the Production Department at Liberty Land Abstract and a graduate of Hunter College with a Bachelors in Sociology. Her past work experiences vary from the banking industry to the jewelry industry to CPR training. From her previous jobs, Ellen developed skills in customer-service and strives to always be helpful and nice to everyone she encounters. On her off-time, she prefers low-key hangouts like visiting cafes and enjoying quality time with friends. Ellen also likes to learn about cars as her hobby.

Joseph Bulka Joseph Bulka

Joseph is a recent graduate of Baruch College and part of the production team here at Liberty Land Abstract. During his leisure, he enjoys spending time outdoors, especially floating on his fishing kayak in the Long Island Sound. As a computer guru, Joseph also serves as our in-house technology expert!

Nicholas Ho Nicholas Ho

Nicholas graduated from Penn State University. He started out in Liberty Land as an intern in 2017. He currently helps out multiple departments with their day-to-day tasks.

In his free time, he enjoys biking and snowboarding.

Amanda Mi Amanda Mi

Amanda comes to Liberty Land Abstract from 10 years of luxury dining and retail management experience. She worked in client services + management roles in a myriad of prominent organizations to include, Toku Modern Asian, Coach and Tiffany & Co. Amanda brings with her a finely honed intangible skill of, charismatic and personable client services. Years of facilitating the needs of high profile clientele, she was the perfect fit for the tumultuous and precarious work the escrow department handles.

In her spare time to decompress, she travels the world and enjoys the exposure to different cultures, countries, and food. When the opportunity arises she enjoys scuba diving into the world of the deep seas.

Eri Otokoyama Eri Otokoyama

Eri Otokoyama joined Liberty Land in August of 2018. She is the first friendly face that greets you when you walk into the office and she brings her expertise of 15 years in the service industry to her position in the Production team. She is multilingual and speaks Japanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, and Korean.

Eri currently attends FIT to further her education and in her leisure time, she likes to cook Japanese and Italian food. She also enjoys sake and California wine.

Simone Louie Simone Louie

Simone interned for Liberty Land twice in 2017 as a college student and started settling down in the company after graduating from SUNY Geneseo. She dabbles both in the Reading and Production Department. She got connected to Liberty Land after recording an album of her original music with the executive VP, Lester Lin, and his record label.

Among her friends, Simone is known to be a deep thinker, quiet but brave, a world traveler (she has lived in three continents), a gentle and patient listener, and the girl who has an album. She loves getting to know people and challenging people, including herself, to be dead honest with themselves. In her free time, she loves to read, sing, compose, and grab meals with people to have meaningful conversations.

Jason Si Jason Si Manager

Jason oversees the Recording Department at Liberty Land Abstract and makes sure all documents are recorded promptly. Jason is well-loved by clients for being patient and helpful. He is a very mellow person and enjoys low-key activities such as building figurines, binge watching dramas/movies, and playing video games. He also likes to stay up to date with technology and cars through Youtube.

Elton Liu Elton Liu

Elton is part of the recording team and recent graduate of Breckinridge School of Nursing. He loves to meet people and is extremely kind to those around him. He enjoys being a mixologist and playing basketball at the gym. His favorite food is sushi, but is allergic to shellfish.

John Fung John Fung

At Liberty Land Abstract, John assists with the day to day operations of the Recording Department. He helps to coordinate the daily functions of the department and supports the Recording Manager as needed. When he is not reviewing documents for recording, John likes to talk about going to the gym (though he only goes about half the amount of times he claims) and to binge watch Netflix.

Eric Moon Eric Moon

Eric Moon is the newest member of the Recording Team at Liberty Land. He is very eager to learn more each day in his department. Eric is a recent graduate of Queens College with a degree in Economics.

Outside of Liberty Land, Eric enjoys playing sports and instruments. He also loves to explore and eat all the great food in the tri-state area.

Maggie Wong Maggie Wong Manager

Maggie joined the Liberty Land in 2014 as an Accounting Assistant and now manages the Escrow Department. While her main responsibilities are now mostly escrow-related, Maggie also enjoys learning new skills such as running payroll from the Human Resources Department. When she is not in the office, you can find Maggie hanging out at a café or enjoying boozy brunch with friends.

One fun fact is that Maggie's start date at LLA is the day after her birthday. As she cuts cake with the office each year, she considers it a double celebration as she grows a year older in life and a year older with her LLA family.

Jin Tian Jin Tian

Jin started with Liberty Land in the Closing Department where she gained her initial valuable experience in the Title industry. Jin is now working in the Escrow Department along with Maggie, assisting with handling escrows, billing, and other accounting needs. Jin enjoys live jazz performances and is a percussionist at her church. She also enjoys hiking, traveling, going on food adventures and being immersed in new cultures.

Anna Zao Anna Zao

Anna is a part-time Escrow Assistant who is completing her BBA in Marketing with minors in Psychology and Graphics at Baruch College. Outside of work and school, she likes to spend time with friends which usually involves food. She enjoys trying new cuisines, and new things, in general, although, her open-mindedness can make her very indecisive at times. Because of her curious personality, she seeks to be a jack of all trades, as evidenced in her academic career.